London by (Bus) Numbers

Discover previous little-known areas of London by bus

Important to note: All the places I visit are free of charge to the public

Hi to you all!

My name is Helen Lewis aka London Routemistress. At the end of 2021, I decided I needed some adventure back in my life and owing to Covid restrictions, couldn’t easily travel abroad. So my thoughts came nearer to home – and I decided to explore the London I live in (but wasn’t brought up in) and have come to love. So what’s the best way to travel around the city? By bus if you want to see the “real” London …. so I made up my mind to start at number 1 (New Oxford Street to Canada Water) and find the not-so-well-known parts of the capital over the coming weeks, months and hopefully years.

At first I thought I’d just do part of each route and did exactly that for numbers 1 and 2. I then realised that in order to be true to what I was hoping to achieve – exploring the whole of London – I had to start at the beginning of each route and end at the terminus. This has meant that at times, it’s taken me up to an hour and a half just to reach the start of the route but it’s definitely been worth it.

The way I’m doing it is this:

Every weekend I research the bus route that I will do the next Monday, this being the day I’ve set aside to travel. The idea is to get on and off the bus at specific pre-assigned/designated stops in order to visit places of interest, that are little- or even not- known to the majority of people.

I visit between 4 and 6 places, and they will vary according to the route. Sometimes I will see memorials, historic buildings, museums, cemeteries, parks and gardens. I generally don’t pay to enter places, mainly because I don’t stay long enough to justify an entrance fee. I make a note of anywhere I think deserves a follow-up visit for which I’d be happy to pay.

So join me in my London adventure and explore the city with me – either here by reading my weekly blog, or find me at the start of the next London bus route.

  • Bus route 29

    Wood Green to Trafalgar Square Monday 8th August 2022 I arrived at Wood Green on the Piccadilly Line and walked round the corner to Gladstone Avenue to find a granite cattle trough, dating back to the end of the 19th century. At that time, Wood Green was a route down which people took their livestock […]

  • Bus route 28

    Wandsworth to Harrow Road Ladbroke Grove. Until 3 months ago, the terminus was at Kensal Rise station I do try to find somewhere of interest at the start of the route, before I get on the bus and this week was no disappointment. I came across the river Wandle and found a heron paddling in […]

  • Bus route 27

    Hammersmith Bus station to Camden Market Monday 25th July 2022 Although I’d been to Hammersmith station before (route 9), I hadn’t been inside St Paul’s Church so I was lucky enough to find it open to visitors. It dates back to the 17th century, at a time when Hammersmith was merely a hamlet. People would […]

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